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What rules should we teach our dogs ?

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Update time : 2021-06-07 17:28:06
With a dog, you may run into some unknown trouble sometimes . frequently defecate at home unfix ; picky eaters ; disorderly bite; barking loudly; doesn't allow people to touch its food; too territorial ; bite people ,and so on ..
Obviously, we love our dog very much, but if he behaves badly, we get upset . The most important time period for dogs to develop their behavior is within 12 months . At this stage, we need to be very patient and teach our dog all kinds of good habits . We mustn't be lazy, It's like raising a child, we need to grow up together . If your dog has not developed good habits as an adult, you may have to seek professional help from a dog trainer .
We are always envious that other people's dogs are beautiful, gentlemanly, loyal and skillful . But the most basic thing is to have a good habit . We need to pay attention to safety when we take dogs to public places. We need to put a dog leash and collar on the dog to make sure the dog is not a threat to other people . It is the duty of all of us to walk our dogs in a civilized way .
OKEYPETS specializes in all kinds of collars, leashes, harness . we could march different request to this products, It has always been our goal to make our pets feel comfortable.
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