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What are the essential daily necessities for a dog?

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Update time : 2021-05-11 15:12:46
What are the essential daily necessities for a dog?

When we decide to keep a pet with great excitement, we need to prepare the necessary daily necessities for the pet in advance. As a new pet owner, do you know what to prepare for your new pet ? Today, I'm going to give you some tips:
1. A pet cage. normally you will get one from pets shop ,you needn't buy a new one . it depends on your local market . In China , Pets shop will give away a cage .
2.Food , Sheep milk powder, pets nourishing cream , Calcium tablet , Microelement tablet. Don't feed it too many snacks in its infancy, otherwise it will be picky about food .
3. Pet catheterization pad . We need to teach our pets where to pee and defecate in the first place. It's very important .
4. Pets Bowl . It is not recommended to buy a dog that is too small because it will grow very quickly . Usually one is used for drinking water and one is used for holding food .
5. Grinding rod. It's so important because they're teething, they feel itchy and want to bite something .
6.Some simple toys .Puppy dogs likes plush toys , Wool ball is a good choice , Play with your dog, slowly teach them the rules, and build a deep relationship together.
7.Collar+Leash .When you go outside and take a walk with your pet, you need a collar and a leash to keep them safe .
Most importantly, be prepared to be patient and accompany, Dogs are our most loyal friends, guardians, and family members .OKEYPETS as a professional pets products company, We are committed to design and produce comfortable, safe durable and unique pet products .
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