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How to shorten the mass goods production cycle?

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Update time : 2021-05-20 17:13:25
As the season for pet products arrives , more and more clients place orders , Because of the complicated workmanship of the products, many are made by hand, so the delivery time longer and longer . Our printing department has been seriously overworked for a long time,
But all the customers want to receive the goods as soon as possible, what should we do to short the delivery time ?
Firstly, confirm order earlier . Confirm the order as soon as possible. If you are sure to sell this product, please do not hesitate for too long. Please confirm the design drawings and other details with us as soon as possible. We can arrange production as soon as possible.
Secondly, we provide the printed materials of the product to confirm the large-scale sample, without sewing a complete finished product. Because we supply the printed material sample only needs 3-5 days, and the complete finished product sample needs 12-15 days. Our model room is overloaded with work every day, but because the workload is too large, we need to wait in line to make the finished model.
Finally, confirm the sample as quickly as possible. Generally, after the sample is completed, we will take very clear pictures and videos to confirm. If we need to send the sample, we use the official DHL service. The transportation time in many countries only takes 2-3 days. super fast service .
As a professional supplier of pet products, we will pay attention to the details of each link and strive to complete a qualified model at one time. Good things take time and effort. I believe our team with many years of experience can provide you with better service
OKEYPETS specializes in all kinds of collars, leashes, harness . we could march different request to this products, It has always been our goal to make our pets feel comfortable.
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